Maulana Akbar

Science & Technology

[Summary Course] SOC 818 Evaluation and the Policy Process

This unit introduces students to evaluation and accounts for its place in the policy process and social sciences respectively. Students will acquire knowledge of different approaches to evaluation as well as the ethical and political issues surrounding this process. The unit also focuses on how trends informing public sector management have an influence on the evaluation process and the actual implementation of evaluations. Application of concepts and methods of evaluation to current  ...

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Sepotong Foto Munir di Saku Celana

Terselip sepotong foto Munir tertinggal di saku celana Teracuhkan bersama bon-bon hasil beli ini itu. Cukup nanti lengah tercuci Foto yang sepotong itu basah dan payah. Pula dilalaikan pula Sampai terjemur di atap rumah. Sepotong foto itu rapuh dan ringkih. Kesudahanya foto itu hancur lebur,  ...

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