Akbar, M., & Hardiyati, R. (2021). The Absorpotion of HRST From Technology-Based Companies of Indonesia. STI Policy and Management Journal, 6 (1).

The COVID-19 pandemic spreads rapidly in Indonesia at the beginning of 2021 that requires quick action from various parties, including the science community. Researchers from Research and Development (R&D) institutions and universities that produce research and innovation products are expected to provide solutions to help accelerate COVID-19 pandemic mitigation in Indonesia. This research aims to map how the STI community responds to the COVID-19 pandemic through research in the form of international scientific publications and products resulting from research, development, and innovation. The data were collected from 108 scientific articles from SCOPUS and 127 news articles from COVID-19 consortium products issued by Kemenristek/BRIN. Researchers used social network analysis to show how research networks are formed in producing research and innovation products in the first six months …

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