Our Gendos will be Coming

It`s been almost four months after I wrote an article on this blog, and I passed many lots of time to set my writing time.  This blog looks like a trash on the landfill and ready for being recycled. Consequently, a domain company sent me many emails to remind me to pay my expiring domain. So, why I`ve been forgetting this page?

Because a foreign being will present in my life. As a native, I should prepare myself to be a good host. I searched many sources from novel to ancient books to define this being. She has no name but I finally would like like to call him with ‘Gendos’. A term of Gendos originally from Javanese word which means sugar — a core resource of Javanese. These people usually drink a tea with sugar in their morning, moreover, fill a sauce with much of sugar.  She is the sweetest thing that I ever had: A Gendos.

She will be being my daughter.  As a result, I  will be being a father. For me, the most challenging thing to be a father is ‘to be an example,’ Brightside.me mentioned it in his article.

(image source : Brightside.me)

Therefore, I want to be a good exemplar, start by giving him a good name. Gendos, for me, an example.

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