IELTS TIPS : Phrasal Verb

Menurut laman, Phrasal Verb adalah kata yang mempunyai arti berbeda dari kata aslinya. Ini yang membuat saya, mungkin kebanyakan orang, dibuat pusing.  Masalahnya salah satu cara untuk memahami pharasal verb adalah dengan menghafal dan mempraktikkannya. Oleh karenanya, saya membuat artikel ini untuk menghafal daftar phrasal verb dengan menuliskan sebanyak mungkin phrasal verb dari berbagai sumber.

  1. Pharasal Verb : Get
Phrasal Verb Definisi Contoh Kalimat Keterangan
Get up Get out of bed

Rise your feet

She gets up at 7 a.m every morning
Get across Cause to be understood

Communicate successfully

Pat usually fails to get his joke across

His point was not got across.

source click here
Get along Have a friendly relationship (Mempunyai arti yang bisa sama pula dengan get on)  I get along well with my colleagues  source click here
Get away  have a holiday


I just need to get away for a few days   source click here
Get by Manage to survive in spite of difficulties We can get by with four computers at the moment, but we’ll need a couple more when the new staff arrive.  source click here
Get down (t0) Dismount of descent

Get serious

Having sex (slang)

Get in Go inside a car, room, home

Arrive at a place

Get off Leave a bus, train, plane, or a place
Get on Start doing or continue doing something

to have a good relationship

How are you getting on with your essay?

They got on better when they were children

cource click here
Get out Become known (news, information)
Get over Recover from illness

Overcome a problem

Get through Succeed in finishing a task

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