IELTS TIPS : Connetors Words – Kata Penghubung dalam Kalimat

Dalam menulis essay, terutama dalam tes writing IELTS, salah saya hal yang terpenting adalah kata penghubung antar kalimat yang sesuai. Namun sering kali penulis menulis kata yang itu-itu saja. Padahal sebenarnya masih banyak kata-kata yang bisa dijadikan alternatif.

Dalam artikel ini saya sajikan connector yang dikelompokan berdasarkan definisi. Selain  hitung-hitung buat catatan buat diri saya sendiri, juga semoga dapat bermanfaat bagi Anda yang sedang mencari bahan bacaan untuk menghadapi IELTS. Walaupun sebenarnya artikel ini tidak terbatas untuk ujian IELTS saja.

  • Memulai Kaimat (Starting your Opinion)
In my opinion, I think,
In my view I believe
From my point of view, To my way of thinking
It seems to me that I suppose
From my perspective I understand
It appears that I feel
I realize
I Imagine
According to me,
To me,
  • Memberikan Contoh (Giving Examples)
For example, For instance
such as In other words,
as like
that is namely
To illustrate To paraphrase
  • Membandingkan (Comparing)
Similiar to As … as
in common also
Either … or In the same way
Neither … nor At the same time
Just as resemble
  • Bertentangan (Contrasting)
However, But
On the contary, On the other hand,
Differ from Nevertheless
Although Though
Otherwise Instead
Alternatively Even though
  • Menjeneralisir (Generalizing)
Generally, Generally speaking,
Overall, On the whole,
In general, By and large,
It seems to me that I believe
All in all Basically,
Essentially, As a rule
All thins considered For the most part
  • Mengekspresikan Kepastian (Expressing Certainty)
Certainly, Undoubtedly,
Doubtless, No doubt,
Definitely, Of course,
  • Mengekspresikan Keraguan (Expressing Partial Agreement)
More or less, To some extent,
Up to a point, Almost,
In a way, So to speak,
  • Penyebab (Showing Cause)
Due to Because
Because of Owing to
  • Dampak (Showing Effect)
Therefore, As a result,
Consequently, For this reason,
Thus, So,
Thereby Eventually
Hence The reason why
  • Pendandaan Waktu (Marking Time)
First, Simultaneously Before
Second, Since After
Third, Afterwards While
Firstly, When At the same time
Secondly, Last After this/that
Thirdly, Lastly Meanwhile
During Then, Following this
To begin with First of all, As soon as
  • Menambahkan Informasi (Adding Information)
Furthermore In addition
Also And
Moreover Similiary
Likewise As well as
Besides Too
Even What`s more
  • Mengekspresikan Kondisi (Expessing Condition)
If Whether
In Case Unless
Provided that So that
  • Menyimpulkan (Concluding)
To summarize In conclucusion
Lastly, Finally,
To conclude with, I short,

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