Sneezing in Jakarta

Recently, many automotive manufacturers in Indonesia launch Low-Cost Green Car (LCGC) in several types for the domestic area – and certainly with cheap price. Now People from the whole economy level can buy car easily, moreover, leasing companies offer competitive credit scheme.

Jakarta today is full of land with billion cars. Jammed in every highway, even in narrow alleys. I hate – and surely, so do millions of people – to heading this reality. I need more than 3 hours every day to reach the office and back home, many people need more time. Here is the worst place to survive.

Jakarta needs more space. Or Jakarta needs a more wise government with a decision maker who thinks along. Economic policy should play the rule: humanizing people.

Need we a cheap car? Yes, maybe, for many people. Want we more space for a living? Yes, absolutely, all of us.

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