6 Best Public Transportations in Jakarta, Indonesia

If you have a plan to visiting Jakarta, you should to know how distinct this city is. As the one of highest population city in the world, Jakarta also has much problem in public transportation. Consequently, people are always takes motorcycle or car by themselves. Traffic seem like flock of birds do migration.

However, there is always a way to easily looking around in Jakarta. I am summarizing 6 Best Public Transportation in Jakarta. There transportation are always be used by local people or foreigner.

1. Busway

Busway (also calls Transjakarta) is a busline which bring passengers in the line on middle street. This way separately only for busway. Busway has almost all of main roads in Jakarta, furthermore there are also routes to nearest city.

We can say that the fee is very expensive – only Rp. 3.500 for each passenger. Moreover, during passenger still in the shelter, they can go to everywhere the busway shelter is located. The most problem for foreigner is they need to buy e-money to using this bus – card is Rp 50.000.

2. Commuterline

Commuterline is train which operates in Jobadetabek (Jakarta, Bogor, Tanggerang, Bekasi). Time of departures and arrives exactly accurate. Always full in busy hours, commuterline is also being favorites by travelers who love to visiting nearest city in Jakarta. For instance, to Bogor from Jakarta only takes 60 minutes and the fee is no more than Rp 10.000.

Similiar to busway, commuterline require e-money as a entrance ticket.

3. Taxi

  As a big city like the other city have. Taxi is a must to be a first alternative public transportation in city. There are a lot recommended taxi in Jakarta, such as Blue Bird, Express, and Taxiku. But you should to noticed that the fare is unpredictable while the traffic is bad. Just always starring at the argometer !

4. Ojek Online

As I was talked at the paragraph before that traffic jam is a big big problem in Jakarta. So people need an innovation to solve the problem while people need to go somewhere as fas as they can. Ojek on line is a answer. Ojek is a word reffers to ‘motorycle taxi’. And ojek online refers to motorcycle taxi which operates by mobile application. Passenger set place to pick up and destination, in that moment they can see the fare and the time.

There are some recommended ojek online application, that is Go-jek, Grab Bike, and Uber Motor.

5. Taxi Online

If ojek online have Go-jek, Grab-bike, and Uber motor, taxi online also operated by these company that named Go-car, Grab, and Uber.

6. Traditional Public Transportations

Want to try something else? Which something different? You should picked you up by these public transportation. There are ojek (not online, you need to offer the fee to the driver), Bajaj (there are also be found in India and Tuk-tuk`s thailand, Mikrolet (little bus who operates in specific areas), and kopaja/metromini (you should not try this one)

image sources : all googles searche imagess

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