Happy Muslim

Islam is beautiful religion for humans around the world. As long as, we understanding what Al-Quran teach. At middle East and few Africa and Asia countries, Islam has been scattered long ago. Especially, in America and Europe, the Islamic got significant growth recently. They, people at Europe that converting to Islam, thought that Islam giving a serenity and happiness. It`s not only about how to Islam dressed and Quran said, but also how to doing activity based on Islam.

I was seen on youtube some time ago, Muslims at any Europe and American made a unique video. This Video presented that Moslem are Happy with Islam itself and how to be a happy moslem at modern era.

Happy British Moslem

Happy Dutch Moslem


Happy German Moslem


Happy Boston Moslem


In other side, I`m happy look at these people that introducing moslem with creative idea to the world. so that, we need more people such them.

 02 July 2014

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